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Tuesday, 04 August 2015 15:33

BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, 48 ounces, 78H6B

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BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, 48 ounces, 78H6B BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, 48 ounces, 78H6B

It is true – one of the best and most effective carpet cleaners really is BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, 48 ounces, 78H6B. Why did I think like this?

It happened, after I bought a couple container of Bissell deep cleaning formula, and tested to clean my house carpet, floor, kitchen and another thing for washing and cleaning.

First of all, I was wondered, so nice it cleans to remove stains and soil, and for a long time protect carpet from stains in the future.

This cleaner with deep cleaning formula gave me amazing results. Before I used Bissell 2x Deep Cleaning formula, I tested and tried a lot of carpet cleaning liquids and things, and have been very disappointed, because results of cleaning were not so good. Stains, soil, and flooring with the high traffic places have been looked at as a rule not really clean and make me nervous because I hard work for my house was clean and fresh.

Thus, when I tried the Bissell 2X professional – there was an absolutely perfect result.

One more thing, I would like to mention – this Deep Cleaning Formula I used together with recently buying Bissell Big Green Cleaning machine.

What I have to say, both of them – Bissell Green Machine and 2X Professional formula gave me incredible cleaning result! Just in case - if you are interested in, and start planning purchase BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine, see right now review, tips and price about it here>>>

Buy Bissell Big Green Review

On my own experience: The surface of the carpet was dried completely in a 4-5 hours, and color was very bright in places, where I cleaned carpet, small part of carpet, what I not t ached with carpet cleaned was absolutely different/ Looks like cleaned carpet looked just from factory, other vice another part of carpet was like an old and not nice. That's why I think this 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula not just professional – it is fair and magic carpet cleaning formula.

Next day after cleaning carpet was as a new, smell fresh and without any cleaning chemical things. Carpet surface after cleaning was soft and good looking even week ago.

Is it Good results for carpet cleaning? I think so.

  • Bissell 2x cleaner works perfectly, very comfortable, it's already good concentrated – it means don't need to upgrade with concentrate proportion manually.

  • It is true – this deep cleaning formula has a strong scent from a container, when you working with carpet cleaner, but very soon after cleaning with Bissell 2X, strong smell of it disappeared.

  • Very good for carpet cleanings. When you have spots of dirt and need it to deep cleaning

Despite it's cleaning formula some more expensive, after tried another, cheaper deep carpet cleaners, I again return to Deep Cleaning Formula, 48 ounces, 78H6B – it is really best.

 Price and quality of it very match and effective, and make my housework with the Bissell 2X Carpet Cleaners easy and nice, especially carpets look like new, I recommend to get these cleaners immediately!

Bissell 2X very good if you have a pets

One my friend has pets at home, 2 dogs, and his cat has a sensitive stomach. There are was always trouble from these occasions – pets hair, spots of dirt after dogs shitting and urine on the carpet.

So, after I recommend him this BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, his life become as a resort. Because with carpeting with the Bissell all spots and hairs easily and perfectly washed and cleaned in a dozen minutes, and even unbelievable – no smells and specks of dirt from pets. Excellent!

When you will cleaning your carpet with the Bissell Deep Cleaning formula, you will be sure – after that smell is good but not overpowering, works amazing, especially if you use it with Bissell Big Green machine.

On my mind, this cleaners worked even much effectively than so famous brand as rug doctor.

I really do not regret this Bissell 2X purchase, try it, you will be not disappointed.

If you dreaming spent less time on homework and housekeeping, have a problem with:

  • Longtime carpet cleaning;

  • Do not clean spots of dirt completely;

  • Never tried to use and clean with the

    BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula, 48 ounces, 78H6B

    it's time to get it. Do not be hesitated, and go ahead, make your life easy with this carpet cleaners, and enjoy your fresh and clean carpet in the house!

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  • Comment Link Antonio Wednesday, 05 August 2015 21:24 posted by Antonio

    Oh my gosh!!! Bissell 2x deep cleaner has really good price, works great and carpet after cleaning awesome!!!)))

  • Comment Link Alossia Thursday, 01 October 2015 21:00 posted by Alossia

    This deep clean formula my best helper. Just in case - if you are buying trouth amazon.com, see bissell coupon code and get discount for Bissell 2x formula. usually I gotten every purchase 2 dollars USA - keep in mind!!!)))

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