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Monday, 01 July 2013 17:26

Bissell Carpet Washer

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Bissell Carpet Washer Bissell Carpet Washer

Clean, Pet Hair Free Carpets at Last!

As much as I love my two dogs and cat, every time I
have company come over to stay I find myself wondering why I let the pets live in my house. Even though I keep all of my pets well groomed, they still seem to shed all over my house, the hair gets all over the place.

On top of the hair, I had to deal with the fact that my dogs track dirt into my carpet. Vacuuming really doesn't help much, it picks up the dirt that lays on the surface or the carpet but leaves the dirt and pet hair that managed to get ground into the fibers, that's why I finally broke down and got a Bissell Carpet washer.
When I started shopping for carpet cleaners I had two requirements. The price had to be reasonable; I didn't want to spend a fortune on a carpet cleaner. It also had to be reasonably priced. All of the Bissell models that I looked at fit both of my requirements. The lowest priced Bissell Carpet washer model I checked out was priced at about $80 and the highest priced model I considered was about $250.
In the end I settled on the BISSELL Quicksteamer PowerBrush Multi Surface Deep Cleaner. I chose this particular because it was supposed to be very easy to fill, and it worked on all surfaces, and had a good reputation for cleaning up after pets. Since I'm prone to back problems, I really like the fact it was foot activated which meant I wasn't going to have to spend a lot of time bending down and fiddling with it.
I love my Bissell Quicksteamer. I've been using it for two months, and so far it's done everything I've asked from it. Although it's not quite as lightweight as I would have liked, I end up hauling it up and down a flight of stairs and can feel all fourteen pounds before I reach my final destination, the fact it's easy to use more than makes up for the weight. It only takes me a couple of minutes to set the carpet cleaner up. Once I have it ready to go, it's easy to move along the floor and does a wonderful job of scrubbing my carpet clean. It even helped me remove the red wine I accidently spilled on my pale yellow carpet last week, something I never would have been able to do if I tried scrubbing by hand. Not only has the carpet washer removed all of the pet hair and dirt from my carpet, after I've finished shampooing my carpet the pet odor has vanished. A few of the professionals I've hired in the past weren't able to accomplish that. In addition to the Bissell carpet washer, I also use the Bissell pet stain and deodorizer cleaning detergent.
I was really impressed by how patient the store was. I must have had a hundred different questions. They answered each one promptly, were always polite, and never acted like they thought I was being ditzy. They were even really good to me when I got the carpet washer and couldn't figure out how to use one of the settings. The walked me through the problem and told me to get in touch with them again if I ever had any problems. I wish I could use them for all of my online purchases. 

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