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Bissell Little Green

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Bissell Little Green Bissell Little Green

Cleaning carpets can be a predicament for most households. When it comes to cleaning carpets at commercial locations where everyday thousands walk over them can be a nightmare. Some stains are so stubborn that even the best of deep cleaning vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners fail to remove those. This is why the Bissell Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner is so popular with most homes.

Utility and the cleaning mechanism:

The Bissell Little Green performs the unthinkable; it emerges as the winner in the fight between it and the stubborn dirt. Where most other carpet cleaners fail to have an impact, the Bissell Little Green with it's built in heating technology heats normal temperature water by 25 degrees Fahrenheit and then sprays that water mixed with soapy solution on to the carpet. In the same motion another suction mechanism sucks the dirty water out of the carpet and then dries the carpet. In a single motion the carpet is soaked, cleaned and dried. The entire spot is cleaned of any dirt and dust and looks just as new. The heating mechanism increases the solvency of the water and the soapy mixture then simply dissolves the most stubborn of dirt and stains and then cleans it off.
Specifications of the Bissell Little Green:
The Bissell Little Green comes in a dimension of 8 1/5" x 17 1/5" x 12 ?".
Bissell Little GreenAdvantages :
This vacuum cleaner has separate tanks for the clean soapy water and the dirty recovered water. This means that the ongoing cleaning process saves the operator from continually having to supply with fresh water or having to recover the dirty water while it is cleaning. Several cleaning attachments such as a hose, a stain removing brush and a crevice tool to reach the tough to reach locations ensure an easy and hassle free operation.
The Bissell Little Green sprays the water in a wide area. This ensures that a lot of area is covered in a single spray. Cleaning the mini steam-vac is easy too. The dirty water tank needs a bit of hot water for proper cleaning. Just pour hot water, slosh it around and then empty it. For best results don't keep the mini steam-vac filled with dirty water for long. Clean it and then rinse it immediately to store away for the next use.
The mini steam-vac comes with a one year limited warranty.
Disadvantages of the Bissell Little Green.
A review of some of the user's comments seems to suggest that the mini steam-vac is not as powerful as some of the other more illustrious steam vacuums around. Some users have also complained that it leaks. However this may be because of the specific product and not the whole lot of it. For best results don't leave it overnight filled with clean or dirty water. Clean and rinse it immediately after you are done vacuuming.
Final word on the Bissell Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner
The Bissell Little Green is a great product to buy for domestic uses. It is simple to operate and is easy to clean and store. Overall performance is not as high quality as some of the more heavy duty steam vacuums around but it is the perfect thing to have for homes. 

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