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Tuesday, 16 April 2013 14:38

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner, 14259

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BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner, 14259 BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner, 14259

Just see some reason and tips why people have to buy this model - BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner, 14259 I also tested this machine. What can I say?

First of all - this little green just exceeds even vacuum standard and saved me a lot of money. But that what I saw – when it works – is a some loud, of course not like a vacuum, but every cent was worth for sure.

Bissell Little green machine works already 2 years I bought it, without any repair, almost every day, is it good or not?

Also, I have to say some not good news for me about this Bissell machine, you should remove and empty dirty water tank every time you work with a vacuum. And on my mind brushes from tools Bissell parts not too long, have to replace.

Very good this little green Bissell machine, when pets or children have some accident or spill something. Just get Little Green Machine – and half of minute everything clean and brushed! Is it the reason to buy, do you have kids and pets? Very good and fast clean, easy to use, when you read instruction for the Bissel machine.

About Leak: when you leave after cleaning full of water – the container is leaking with water, so do not do it. To buying this Little green – I made chose between Bissell 2x pet and Rug Doctor, so – Bissell little green very good cleaned, as a to vacuum models above, but much more lighter and convenient – highly recommend for those, who owns a dog and cat, It very good and completely removes odors and pee stains. Also good job, with Bissell green, when has a carpeted surface at home – floor or carpet. Just buy this machine without any doubt!

I like it for quick deep clean, and fast and comfort packing after finishing cleaning, I mean to throw water from the container and put Bissell little machine at its safe place until new cleaning comes.

Looks like I gave you enough useful and suitable information about BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Compact Multi-Purpose Deep Cleaner, 14259, of course, more Bissell reviews you can see over here – 190 costumers reviews about it!!! Then probably you will make your choice and opinion about purchasing carpet cleaners you need.


STOP! See reason to buy this Bissell Little Green!

  • Why have I paid for this spot cleaner?

Unlike foams and spray, this Bissell SpotClean perfectly removes deep-down dirt, spots, dust, and stains. With sprays, stains find a way of return, but the SpotClean makes sure everything great!.

  • Why is it better than using foam and spray?

Unlike a spray that moves on and cleans the surface of stains, dirt and spot cleaners with hot water, doing cleaning formula, and greatly-powerful suction to make deep down in the really spot you need it.

  • There up-right or this portable deep cleaners better?

That is why to upright deep cleaners versus portable deep cleaners, it’s not about which is greater, that's why which is better suitable for the work at hand. Uprights are best suited for large areas and bigger apartments, while portable spot cleaners specific in stairs, upholstery, interiors for auto, and more.

Are you still in doubt? Buy Now!

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